Friday, 22 March 2019

cultural unity day

Today we celebrated cultural unity day first we played a game called lape it's a samoan version of baseball then we listened to an romanian tale after we had a feast sharing each different foods.

Friday, 15 March 2019

this is my save the sea birds.

This is my wonder wk4  hope you like. a tip is listen to the book it's really interresting

Tuesday, 12 March 2019


yesterday rm 22 went to the hall to learn about energy and where it's manufactured here from vector, are three facts i learnt
1. Bioenergy means converting biomass to produce a form of energy like heat, light or electrical or transport fuel. Burning wood in an fire for, example, is using bioenergy

2. Wairakei was nz's first geothermal power station and it is still our biggest.

3. It takes millions of years for natural gas to be formed

now here are some tips for how to save power

  1.  turn off lights at day time and when your not in the room
  2. when you leave the house turn off the power sockets

Friday, 1 March 2019

wonder wk2

this is my wonder wk2

wonder activity star wars characters

This is my bb-8 which i made using pixilart hope you like it. thanks :p 

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

bike training

This morning and yesterday afternoon we had bike training with counties manukau sports eductaters.

I really enjoyed riding around the field most because in the digging area at the back of the field theirs am olch pile that you can ride on

Here are some things i learnt
1. we aren't allowed to do wheelies.
2. Raise your left arm to your left side to go left raise right hand to your right side to go right.
3.put your hand straight up in the air to indicate that your stopping
4.The alphabet bike check a for air, b for brakes c for chain d for direction e for incredible
5. I learnt how to do the 242 helmet check

my top tip for learning how to ride a bike is go slow and get better at balancing